Your Choice of Bagels, 1/8 Lox per person,
 4 Different kinds of Flavor cream cheeses,
 All arranged on platter, Garnished with Lemon wedges, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce

A great selection of fresh wraps
 Low Fat, Ham Delight, Beef Bite, Turkey Club, Chicken Salad and Vegetarian wrap 
Comes with Pickles, Potato, Macaroni and Coleslaw

 A unique way of to entertain your guests American or Italian style
Garnished with olives, pickles, lettuce, Onions and tomato. 
Comes with Potato, Macaroni and Coleslaw

Open face minis with lox, Tomato, onions, Pickles beautifully arranged in platter
Giant Bagel $79.99
Mini Bagels half $34dz
Lox Platter $13.99 person
Assortment of Bagels and Muffins 
three different kinds of cream cheeses, butter and Jelly all arranged on platter

Delux Breakfast 4.99 person
Wrap Platter $9.99 person
Party Hero $17.99 ft.
Perfect for Every Event American or Italian
Filled with your favorite Boar’s Head meats and cheeses
comes with Pickles Potato, Macaroni, coleslaw 

Plan your next home oroffice party with us.
15- 18 servings
Hampton Bays Bagels